Best Curved Screen Gaming Monitor

Curved screen monitors have established themselves as must-haves for an awesome gaming rig fit for serious gamers. No matter what the brand or model, curved monitors look sleek, modern, and take each person to an immersive gaming experience like no other.

If you have the money to spend on a good curved monitor, then it is essential for you to choose the best one in the market – that is the Benq XR3501.


The Benq XR3501 is a 35” widescreen gaming monitor that looks and feels like a gaming monitor from the future. It has a slim and light build that is very sturdy and is composed of durable materials. The monitor sports a black screen and is attached to a simple metal neck and base. This base allows the user to tilt and adjust the monitor to suit his height.

The curvature of this monitor is very different from its counterparts from other brands. It is built with a curvature of 2,000R, which is more curved than Samsung’s 3,000R or Asus’ 3,800R. That means, if you surround yourself in a perfect circle made out of the Benq XR3501, you would find yourself in a smaller circle than you would if you used other curved monitors.

Because of this curvature, the Benq XR3501 can fill your field of vision completely without having to sit very close or very far from it. The smaller curvature can also give you a better panoramic display and more immersive experience that any other brand cannot match.

The monitor has a powerful anti-glare layer that makes sure the screen does not catch any reflections and light. It allows you to focus on your gameplay without hurting your eyes.

Display Features

The Benq XR3501 does not fall short of impressive display features. Without a doubt, you get a full HD display with crisp and clear clarity. No matter how fast your movement is during your games, you won’t experience any ghosting and screen tearing.

This amazing gaming display can be attributed to the monitor’s impressive refresh rate of 144Hz. A refresh rate this high can ensure the smoothest gameplay you will ever experience – almost at par with the FreeSync and Nvidia Sync technology.

The crisp picture quality, on the other hand, can be attributed to the2560x1080 screen resolution,high-contrast display capability,and stunning color accuracy of the Benq XR3501. This monitor is also one of the brightest curved monitors you can buy today. However, you can always adjust these settings to suit your preferences perfectly.


The Benq XR3501 can be bought at $600 -$800. It is quite on the expensive side, but given the sleek look and the exceptional features, this is a very good deal – especially for serious gamers. It is highly recommended for high-speed games like racing and battlefield games where visuals move so fast. If you are planning to upgrade your rig, you might consider purchasing this monitor as one of your priorities in order to get that more intense and exciting gaming experience.