Who Are the Best Overwatch Characters in Support Roles

Overwatch is a game played by two teams of six players. Each of the players make their choice on which character are they going to use. They base their choices on the characters’ skill level regarding ability, attributes and unique movement. The characters come in four categories. The categories are Offense, Defense, Tank and Support. Teams work on defending certain parts of a map or make a way to get payload to a destination on the map. The payload must be delivered in a particular amount of time. When it comes to finding the best overwatch support hero, There are two support characters that have captured the attention of players.


She is an angel, a healer, a wise researcher in the medical field, and fights for peace.  She is the guardian angel of her teammates. Her Valkyrie suit allows her to do this. Her Caduceus Staff is a powerful tool that produces beams that result in healing, strengthening, and resurrecting of teammates.  Mercy also wields a buff that causes damage. She can gather the whole team during a fight; it allows the team to regroup and fight again. overwatch3

Powers and skills:

Caduceus Staff

The Staff contains two types of beams. One is for restoring the strength of a teammate. The other is to augment the damage her teammates deal.

Caduceus Blaster

A blast shoots out from Mercy’s arm. The blasts’ main use is as a defensive maneuver in emergency scenarios.

Guardian angel

Mercy senses teammates when they are in trouble. She goes to them and helps them.

Angelic Descent

Mercy has the ability to caution her descent from high above. This is made possible by the Valkyrie suit.


Resurrect has the power to bring dead teammates back in full strength.


The second character from the support category is Symmetra. Symmetra uses hard-light constructs to help her create her version of a perfect world.  Symmetra has a weapon called the Photon Projector. It yields lights that help her defeat enemies and protect her teammates. The projector creates spaces that Symmetra and her teammates use to teleport.  It can lay Sentry Turrets than disintegrates particles. She is most effective as a defense and mobile support character. She has the power to secure certain areas on the map. This skill is best used in facilitating defensive maneuvers.

Powers and skills:

The Photon Projector

This is Symmetra’s main weapon. Short rays of light emanate from the projector that causes huge damage on enemies. The longer the light stays on the damage, the greater the destruction becomes. It can also throw a ball of energy that creates bigger damage.

Sentry Turret

She lays little turrets on the battlefield. The turrets shoot blasts that reduce the speed of the nearest enemy. She can lay a number of these at one time.

Photon Shield

The weapon allows Symmetra to protect a teammate with a shield. It absorbs anything thrown at it.  As long as her teammate is alive, the shield will stand strong.


She can lay an exit pad that is connected to an entry pad located at the starting point of her team.  When they get into trouble, they step on the entry pad and sends them to where the exit pad is.